Sunday, September 11, 2011

We must never forget those who died in media spectacles

Today marks the anniversary of countless innocents losing their lives at the villainous hand of death. As with every other day, I will engage in a minute of silence to commemorate the tragedies that have occurred on this date over the course of human history.

But today is especially significant. For a round number of years ago, a series of maliciously caused explosions in important buildings caused a sizeable number of those deaths to happen simultaneously.

Now, yes, it would be horrible to die in a plane crash or building collapse. But to do so in a manner dramatic enough to attract the attention of millions? Words cannot describe the scale of the tragedy.

That's why I'm altering my commemoration today. A mere minute's silence would not do justice. In recognition of this, I will increase the length of the period of silence so that the victims of the explosions are given twice as much of a weighting as normal deaths.

It is time. Let us all bow our heads and have a minute and 0.0007 seconds of silence.

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